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Comprehensive Background Investigations

As promised we want to continue the conversation from our Background Checks, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

JB National Investigations' Tier 1 Background Investigations are at a minimum at least as rigorous and many times, more comprehensive than a police cadet "new-hire" screening.  There is no doubt some of you have no idea what this process is so let me explain.  I must warn you, this is pretty dry content, for that I do apologize, but I wanted to express how detailed our Tier 1 Backgrounds can be.

The entire process starts with a background packet that the candidate must complete in its entirety.  This packet should list their history from a minimum 18 years old to current.  This packet asks questions about education, any police contact, all drug use, financial history including credit report, minimum 8 references, alcohol consumption, "undetected" crimes, orders of protection, employment history with references, DMV records for a minimum 3 years preferably 5, gambling questioner, military records, discharge type, marital status, registered sex offender status, and family history.

As stated the above asks very specific questions in each individual section.  These questions become very important later.

After we have received the completed packet, the information provided is verified as much as is able to be.  The information that can not be verified through a third party source prior to interviews should be addressed during subsequent interviews.

Once the candidate is deemed hirable (or whatever the case may be), by you the client, we strongly recommend drug screening.

Once we have gathered and documented all pertinent information the candidate will be called in for an initial interview.  During this interview the entire background packet should be addressed section by section.  Any inconsistencies should be addressed and questioned during this initial interview.  This initial interview could take from 1-5 hours (in rare cases longer) depending on the particular individuals history.

Depending on what the subject and/or candidate is being engaged to do, the above may have provided enough information to make a decision.  As stated in the previous blog you really have to weigh the risk to your business or assets as to whether or not to further
invest.  Really knowing who your new-hire, business partner or whatever the case may be is vital.

Should this individual have substantial responsibilities to either you, your business or the public we highly recommend a complete Tier 1 investigation.

The next step in our process would be reference interviews.  We at JB National Investigations really like to do these in person if possible.  An investigator with any real experience will tell you that  interviews and/or email exchanges never truly get the whole story.  Investigators don't get a "feeling" if reference is really telling the truth or covering for their "buddy" if not done in person.  A simple line of questioning is conducted with most if not all of the references the subject has supplied.  This "simple" line of questioning always leads to other follow up questions and most importantly other friends, colleagues or acquaintances that the investigator can interview.  These are the most important interviews that can be done.  Good investigators never count on interviews that their subject wants you to interview for obvious reasons.

Again once this process is complete a through review of the case file should be completed and an update given to you the client to decide whether or not to continue with the hiring process or further engagement of the subject.  Interviews often provide enough information to decide to disengage and move on to another candidate.

The second to last step of this process is a voice stress analysis and/or a polygraph.  We prefer voice stress.  Voice stress in our opinion tends to be more accurate.  The background questioner and interview comes in to play once again.  The subject is essentially asked the same question line again only this time technology helps to determine whether or not he or she is being deceitful.  Once this step is complete our job is almost done.

At this point you would be receiving a complete written report on your candidate.  This report should be easy to understand, fact based and have your candidates life from A-Z documented.  All issues, if any, will be clearly spelled out, the results of the voice stress analysis will be documented and any recommendations from JB National Investigations would be included.  One of the recommendations may be a psychological test and/or interview.  Again this would depend on what the candidate would be responsible for.

This type of background investigation is not for everyone or every business.  You should consult with your attorney about liabilities of the candidates responsibilities, risk to you and whether or not this type of background would help mitigate future risks.  This type of work can be expensive, but if you are risking millions you should know who you are handing the keys to your kingdom to!

Feel free to email any questions you may have or visit our website at

Thank you for reading!  I truly hope it was informative.

John Hopper
Director of Investigative Services
JB National Investigations, LLC

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